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Unlimited Voice bundles launched

16 December 2014

BMOBILE/Vodafone has launched a special which comes with bundles of free calls, SMS text and Data voice.

The new promotion was launched on Monday.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nail Downey said, this new special gives customers five days of unlimited domestic calls to both Bmobile/Vodafone and Breeze network.

“It will also give you 40MB of data and 40 SMS text.”

Mr Downey said, this will be the cheapest calls ever for the Solomon Islands Bmobile with over 70% saving for high usage users.

CEO Downey said, all you have to do is text Uni40 to 444 Bmobile/Vodafone and then subscribe now and Text Uni 40 to 444.

He said this will give users value for this Christmas celebration in Solomon Islands.

The promotion will run for a month and the company will launch new products every week.

A customer who tried the new service yesterday praised Bmobile/Vodafone for the new special.

He said, the new deal allows him to make unlimited calls to both mobile networks as of yesterday which will end after five days.

“I just pay my credit worth $40.00 and have enjoyed making calls, text and surfing the net. And so this is incredible.

“This is what customers are expecting from our mobile services in the country,” the customer said.

He appeals to other customers to join the network and enjoy special offer this festive season.