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Bmobile promises better service this year

05 January 2015

Bmobile Vodafone has installed its new satellite dish that will bring in the upgraded 3G services this year from a new satellite provider to allow for cheaper data costs for customers.

This was commissioned in 2014, piping 3G services and 2G services throughout its entire network.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nail Downey said from 1st of January quality smartphones will be available from Vodafone genuine branded handsets that come with a warranty.

He said every bmobile/Vodafone customer can utilide their data service.

However, he said the biggest difference their partnership with Vodafone brought was having access to their global intellect in how to run a network..

“Their availability and call quality have been the two major milestones that Bmobile Vodafone has improved on communications last year,” Downey said.

“Bmobile Vodafone spent their money improving their network and ensuring customers are delivered the services they have demanded since 2010,” he added.

Downey said this year they will be bringing overseas teams to capture more market share and rolling out 3G data services to the provinces.

He added they will continue to offer value for money in 2015 and be the enabler of change in the country’s telecommunication sector.

Downey said Bmobile Vodafone saw how expensive telecommunication services are in the Solomon Island and with their current promotions they have brought the price of their services down by 300% in 2014 and 2015.

He said no other company can make this claim while offering better quality.

“If you are moaning about your current service, simply stop and try Bmobile Vodafone for 2015.”

A bemobile customer said the country has been growing with many new technologies and praised Bmobile/Vodafone for the new satellite services in Solomon Islands.

 “This is what customers are expecting from our mobile services in the country,” the customer said.

He appealed to other customers to join the new network this year and enjoy what special Bmobile offer.