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KGA rolls out activities

12 January 2015

KASTOM Gaden Association (KGA) is rolling out its activities into the country.

The association has spent almost the whole of the last year working with the disaster affected communities on relief efforts.

KGA manager Clement Hadosaia said after the flooding the country experienced last year, we need to be serious about food security.

“KGA will be rolling out its activities to targeted disaster affected communities throughout the Solomon Islands,” Mr Hadosaia said.

“We must be serious about the food security.

“After last year’s disaster, we spent our time with farmers in the affected communities working on rehabilitation programmes.

“And with that experience, the association sees it best to work with every community around the country especially those that are vulnerable to disaster to ensure the sustainability of food security.

“We have taken this approach of Rural Resource Centre established in communities so that our programmes can work with the communities,” he said.

Mr Hadosaia said the association has covered every province and now it is working on covering every community with its programmes.

He also stressed that communities vulnerable to disasters must not wait until it’s too late.

“We have covered the entire country with our programmes and now it’s time to really get down to the villages.

“Solomon Islands is so vulnerable to disasters and we are trying to ensure that communities need to have food security in place that we can rely on in times of disasters.”