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Traffic problem irks tour operator

15 January 2015

The Managing Director of Destination Solomon’s Wilson Maelaua says the traffic problem in Honiara was the major setback to tourist tours on Wednesday.

Honiara streets were on Wednesday grazed by tourists who arrived for the first boat visit this year.

Mr Maelau who organised the visit said the traffic problem really slowed down movements.

“This traffic problem may have been normal to us, but for tourists, they want to move quickly from place to place.

“Yesterday was a good testimony of how traffic contributed to the problems that can impact negatively on the tourism industry.’

He said although tourists enjoyed their visits, traffic was the only hiccup.

“Tour vans have to wait in the long queue which was time wasting and irritating.

“We have to forgo some sites because of time constraint caused by traffic hold-up.”

Mr Maelaua said that is something authorities may want to work on because more visits will be coming up during the year.

“We are learning as we try to improve on failures in this industry. We are moving forward and the public must continue to support the industry by welcoming and making visitors feel at home.

“Smile and greet them. That alone can mean so much to a stranger.”

Mr Maelaua thanked the DCC government for the assurance to prioritise and encourage the tourism industry.