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MPA wants ministry to audit tourism funds

18 April 2014

A member of the provincial assembly (MPA) in Isabel province has called on the ministry of culture and tourism to follow up and audit funds that have been accessed by tourism operators.

Rhoda Sikilabu made the comment during a meeting between the Solomon Islands visitors bureau (SIVB) officials and Buala tourism operators last Friday.

Ms Sikilabu said country’s tourism industry won’t develop if government did not closely monitor the funds given to operators that have been spent wrongly.

“Government has provided funds to local operators but never make any follow-up to check on these funds to know how these funds are spent.

“Therefore nothing tangible have come out from this fund which is a big lose for the government,” Ms Sikilabu said.

He said many hardworking operators who should receive the tourism funding are still struggling with their tourism business while others who are not serious about the industry still get the funds.”

Meanwhile a tourism officer from the ministry of culture and tourism who accompanied the SIVB team, Jonathan Bako said the concern will be taken on board by the ministry.

“The issue and concern raised there is important and I will bring it the attention of my superior.”