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Farmers seeks compensation

18 April 2014

A number of farmers who lost their copra and dried cocoa products during the recent bad weather have called on the owners of LC Dragon for some form of compensation.

Speaking on behalf of the farmers, a Tetere farmer in North East Guadalcanal Brain Nahu who claimed to have bags of copra and dried cocoa beans on board the landing craft when it ran aground during the April 3rd bad weather said most of the farmers in parts of North east to Makira have been affected by the flood because they also lost their products.

He said most of their copra and cocoa bags were still in the boat when the bad weather hits.

“Because it was raining heavily, the bags were unable to be offloaded.”

Its understood while landing craft was still floating infront of the Point Cruz area, strong wind and high seas tossed it infront of the Hyundai Mall.

“Most of the bags were wet and damaged,” Mr Nahu said.

“We lost all our copra and cocoa bags which we have transported to Honiara for sell.”

Mr Nahu said paid freight for the products.

“We want the management of the landing craft to provide some form of compensation or paid for our sea fare so that we can return to our villages and work to bring some more copra and cocoa.”

The management of the landing craft could not be reached on Thursday for comments.