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Lepi told to upheld culture

16 April 2014

Lepi villages in Bao/Bugotu constituency, Isabel province have been encouraged by Solomon Island visitors bureau (SIVB) to continue upheld and keep culture and traditional way of lifestyle.

SIVB’s chief executive officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto highlighted this during a visit to Lepi village on Saturday.

More than a hundred people in and around the village were present to meet the high level delegation led by the minister of culture and tourism Samuel Manetoali.

Upon their arrival the delegation were welcomed by a panpipes group.

The delegation got the opportunity to visit some of the custom houses and see traditional artefacts of their (Lepi) ancestors that are still being kept.

Mr Tuamoto when speaking to the people told them that culture is one very important identity and people should not lose it.

“I encourage you to continue honour and keep your culture and tradition as your identity,” he said.

He highlighted Western influence had brainwashed many people in the islands which results in people losing their culture and beliefs.

Therefore its important to maintain your culture, he added.

“Lepi people you need to be proud of your culture and heritage as a people. When you are proud of who you are you’ll keep your village clean not for tourists but for yourselves.   Guests can come enjoy what you are already enjoying,” he told the villagers.

Meanwhile Central island province will be the fifth province to be visited by SIVB next week.

The visit allows Mr Tuamoto who is from Fiji to see some of the tourism attractions that are on offer in the province and also to visit some of the tourism operators there.

Since its appointment three months ago, he has worked hard to ensure there is increase promotion of Solomon Islands to the outside world.