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Manetoali: No mining in Isabel

15 April 2014

Member of Parliament (MP) for Gao/Bugotu constituency Samuel Manetoali says Isabel province would not allow mining operation on the island.

He highlighted this during a visit by a delegation from the Solomon Islands visitors bureau (SIVB) to parts of the province last week.

Mr Manetoali was part of the delegation which conducted their visit from Buala to Kaola.

He told the Solomon Star at Kaolo Resort which is located at the western tip of San George Island in Isabel that chiefs and elders around the island would not allow mining industry on Isabel.

“Isabel province is rich in minerals but our island is not interested in mining.

“Our focus now is on tourism with more people are now venturing into this industry because its safe and non-destructive for our people and will last long,” he said.

He claimed most of the leaders and chiefs in the province have supported the idea.

“We would not invite mining to Isabel because we have seen massive destructions caused by mining in other parts of the country and abroad.”

He said the province has encouraged most of its people to venture into tourism.

“Logging and mining would go but tourism would still remain for many years to come therefore leaders in Isabel would not allow mine to operate here.”

Currently Axiom and Sumitomo are two foreign companies that are currently conducting nickel prospecting on the island.