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Flood affects farmers

10 April 2014

LAST week’s devastating flood had negatively impacted on many farmers in Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal.

One of the farmers based in White River, West Honiara is Elizabeth Suimae whose melon plot was affected by the flood.

Speaking to the Solomon Star early this week at the central market Ms Suimae said that flood last Thursday totally washed away about a hectare of her melon farm.

She recalled the flood just took away all the hard work within an hour.

“We expect to earn money from the sales of the melon. But the flood had cleared away all the melon fruit within an hour.”

Only few fruits were saved.

She said selling of melon is the only source of earning an income for her family.

She claimed that on a day when selling her melon, she would earn around $4000 per day.

“But with the whole farm now washed its affecting me and my family,” she said.

Ms Suimae said its one of her saddest moment lose something they have worked hard for because it’s the only means of generating income to support her children’s education and other expenses.

Like Ms Suimae, a number of melon farms were affected by the farm.

As a result there is currently less supply of melon at the central market triggering a sudden surge in prices.