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Damaged infrastructures affect farmers

10 April 2014

DAMAGES done to infrastructures in North West Guadalcanal has impacted on local farmers in the area.

Since last Thursday’s flooding, most of the bridges in that area have been ripped off making it extremely difficult for farmers to bring their produce to Honiara.

A North West Guadalcanal farmer John Maeli who owns a farm at Sasha plains said his root crops and vegetables was affected by the heavy rain.

Mr Maeli said the disaster forced him to miss several days from delivering his farm produce to Heritage Park Hotel.

As a result he had to hire an outboard motor (OBM) to bring his produce from his farm to Honiara at a cost of $2000.00

North West Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki also confirmed that following the devastating flood vehicles are unable to reach villages that are being affected by the floods.

“And farmers are unable to travel to central market to sell their produce.”

Mr Toki added that people have to walk a long way before catching public transport.

Meanwhile Mr Maeli calls on the agriculture officers to visit his farm following the disaster to conduct assessment.