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Govt & KOICA on forestry action plan

07 April 2014

The ministry of forestry with the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) last week held three days workshop to discuss the implementation of a forestry action plan.

The project entitled, ‘The Project for Establishment of Action Plan for Forest Resources Management in the Solomon Islands’ looks at forest resources management in SI and will be carried out by the KOICA Project Management Consultants in SI.

The seminar last week brought the two countries to present and discuss issues, challenges, success and problems face by the two countries with regards to forest resources management and come up with plans to address forest management in SI.

Speaking during the first day last Tuesday Koh, Hee Sook representative of KOICA in the country said she was pleased with the start of the project.

She said the objective of the project is to conduct joint research to develop effective strategies for the implementation of action plan for forest resources management and to transfer Korea’s experience, knowledge and know-how on forest resources management through the deployment of Korean experts, training of forestry officials and provision of necessary equipment which contributes to capacity building of forestry officials.

“To me it’s a great pleasure to implement the first KOICA project in the Solomon Islands along with the Ministry of Forestry & Research.

“This is the significant step for relationship between SI and Korea.

“It represents another milestone for both the ministry of forestry & research and KOICA office in Solomon Islands,” she said.

Ms Hee Sook said that the first workshop was to share and enhance mutual understanding between the two countries situation and experience of forest management and build a solid basement for successfully implementing the project.

Meanwhile, the ministry had conveyed thanks to KOICA for the initiative.

A spokesperson for the ministry said“We are proud of the initiative because it is the first ever program the ministry will have with Korea.

“We are looking forward to working together to build and strengthen this partnership with KOICA,” he said.

Project manager Jeong Jin-heon said that he was very happy with the initiative and relationship build between SI and Korea.

“Thank you ministry of forest for the kind partnership that we build.

“SI has plenty of forest resources and is blessed with resources.

“These resources are classified as one of the most important assets of SI,” he said.

However, due to the rapid increase of logging and clearing of natural resources, the forest resources are decreasing and losing its own functionality, added Mr Jin-heon.

“Through this joint-research program between us, this project aims to build the capacity for a sustainable forest resources management and seek the measures for securing forest resources and restoring its own functionality.

“This is to offer a strategy for sustainable forest resources management and advance forest policy and to enhance forest-related legal and institutional system.

“The aim of improving afforestation and nursery skills and offering a restoration education program that encourages civil participation.

“I hope through this project it will strengthen our partnership and connection between our two countries,” said Jin-heon.

By Stephen Diisango






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