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Bemobile/Vodafone on air Kakabona

25 March 2015

Bmobile/Vodafone on Friday launched the first of the 12 new 3G+ sites at Kakabona area in West Honiara.

Country manager Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Niall Downey said, the service will give the Tandai, White River, Kakabona area new 3G+ coverage.

Mr Downey said, the site will provide both voice and data reception starting from Tandai up to Mbonege beach.

“This will give people who normally visits the popular beaches over the weekend to enjoy data services while they sit at the beach.

“This is the first site to go-live and Bmobile-Vodafone will be sponsoring a community event in the Kakabona area next Saturday 28th and Sunday the 29th of March.”

The CEO Niall said, the company’s road show team will be there for the event next weekend selling the Avvio 750s handset.

He said, these road shows will be the only location available to sell these much in demand handsets at Kakabona area.

Mr Downey said, the road shows will be visiting all the areas where new 3G+ reception is received further down Kakabona.

“And Bmobile/Vodafone will be hosting fun events around these areas.”

Speaking with a number of Bmobile-Vodafone customers at Kakabona over the weekend, they said the coverage has been very good and they are now enjoying the services.

Meanwhile a team from the company will be travelling to the provinces in the coming weeks as part of the company’s road show to bring fun events to the customers.