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Fuel price stable

14 May 2015

FUEL price for the month of May remains stable according to the price used by most of the fuel stations in the city.

Fuel price is usually adjusted at the beginning of each month.

And for the month of May, petrol and diesel is being sold at $8.54 and $8.43 respectively for most Honiara refueling stations.

The price tends to increase in the province.

For example in Gizo, Western province the cheapest for petrol is $11.50 per liter and $17.00 per litre in most of the rural villages and communities.

The price of fuel increased by a dollar last month (April) from March after a continuous drop since November last year.

Last month petrol was sold at $8.57 per litre. In March it was $7.79 per litre.

The slight changes in price comes as a result of oil supply and other factors.