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APID pledges attractive returns

26 May 2015

Asia Pacific Investment Development (APID), the mining company having interest for bauxite deposits on Rennell have promise good returns to both the national and provincial governments including landowners.

A Spokesman for APID explained APID like any other operating companies has a timeframe set to follow regarding benefits of royalties of whatever kind.

“Whilst APID is still at its early stages of operations, high expectations should not be preempted; APID very much would like to work closely with the governments and the rightful landowners for such benefits,” he said.

He said for the record, allocated benefits through projects have been identified and will sure proceed once all procedures completed.

“There are several allocated projects to help communities already on the pipeline and have ground works done.

“These will cover areas of health – a Rennell medical Clinic and emergency unit, transportation both on land and sea – vehicles to transport on emergency cases including an ambulance and a ship to operate between Honiara to help ease transportation problem especially during holiday peaks.

“On education projects will include providing adequate support to schools in Rennell where necessary.

“Covering infrastructure, a computer lab and stationery supplies including eight offered scholarships for exceptional high school students,” he said.

He assured people and communities of Rennell that these projects are theirs and they are to look after them well.

The spokesman added on the offset, APID also has proposed rehabilitation projects to the dugout pocket soil areas turning them into something viable to help the landowners earn something.

“APID will, at its best try to restore the original ecosystem not to its exact but to projects that can be self-sustaining when operations come to finish.

“Aquaculture or aqua-farming is one possible means considered seriously for a sustainable economic return on this regard but it is open for landowners to discuss with APID what suits them best,” he explained.

He added reminding the landowners and the provincial government that such infrastructure development and help through education will be done with expenses taken care by APID.

“But cautions on the usual trend of landowners and communities asking for huge cash money although they do have rights to do so.

“APID believes infrastructure development, education and health support including transport areas are key challenges Rennell people and communities faced yearly, and APID surely want to be partners to help ease these challenges.”  

He also highlights other benefits not covered as priority ones APID will consider seriously when full operations kick off.

“As these projects are initially taking shape, APID’s continuous generous help to the people and communities on Rennell remains since our arrival.”