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Women’s Xpo coincides with microfinance week

22 September 2015

THE popular women’s Xpo gets underway in Honiara with a chance for the participants of the Pacific Micro Finance Summit to have a glance at what local women has to offer in the finance market.

According to reports received by Solomon Star, the Xpo which was organized by Honiara Council of Women (HCW) is held in partnership with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI).

It will be a week-long event, which started on Monday and will end this Friday.

“The purpose for such partnership arrangement is to allow women to showcase their innovative products to friends who will be in country for the Micro Finance week.

“HCW Xpo and brand is selected by the committee arranging Micro-finance because of its creative output and host of number of services offered,” a statement from the HCW said.

According to HWC President o Mrs Martha Alacky, the Women’s Xpo is a quarterly event planned for each year to create opportunities for women in the Solomon Islands to showcase their products.

She also thanked their partner CBSI, for seeing it fit to host an early Xpo.

“The normal schedule for the final Xpo should be in November.

“But we are thankful for the partnership we made with CBSI to have the Xpo coincide with the Pacific Micro finance week that is currently underway at the Heritage Park Hotel, which is just next door,” Mrs Alacky said.