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Guadalcanal business lady grabs top award

25 September 2015

A FEMALE cocoa farmer from East Guadalcanal came out the winner of the first ever Solomon Island women micro business awards organised by Central Bank of Solomon Island (CBSI).

Agnes Pilopaso from Okea ,Ngalivera, GPPOL 1 North Central Guadalcanal grabbed the top award of the 2015 Solomon Island Micro Business Awards.

Ms Pilopaso was awarded the top prize because her business has helped her immediate family, relatives and the community at large in her area.

Speaking in an interview at the Heritage Park Hotel yesterday after she was announced the winner, Ms Pilopaso said, she was very happy with the award because she did not expecti to win.

“I did not expect to win this prize award because I did not have the capabilities to do business.

“But since CBSI has announced that I’m the winner of this award I’m really happy and could not say any words,” she said.

Ms Pilopaso was awarded $10,000 prize money plus a certificate award from CBSI.

She said, the money would help support her business operation to continue.

“This money would help me operate my business since I was having a problem with the capital to operate.

“But since I receive this money I will use this money for my cocoa business as well as my new eco-tourism business which my family is currently operating,” she said.

She thanked CBSI for organising the award.

“I would like to thank CBSI for organising this award which would help me operate my business.”

Ms Pilopaso, she borrowed money to start her business and this award comes as a boost to her business.

Five women were awarded yesterday.

CBSI Governor Denton Rarawa congratulated all of them and urged them to continue with their business.

The results were:

Top Award: SBD$10,000 cash prize with trophy and certificate from CBSI/NFIT to Agnes Pilopaso from  Okea ,Ngalivera ,GPPOL 1 North Central Guadalcanal, cocoa farmer;

Second award: SBD$5,000 with a certificate from CBSI/NFIT and a plaque to Clotilda Maeli, Sasa, West Guadalcanal, fruits and vegetable farm;

Third award: SBD$3,000 with a certificate from CBSI/NFIT and a plaque Rebecca Ropo, NAC Tenaru, (Wind Ridge) Central Guadalcanal, vegetable farm;

Two additional recognition awards: SBD$2000 each with certificates, Christian Rofeta ,Taiwan Mission, East Honiara, Farming  and Mulbrey Konai, Adaliua, East Honiara, poultry.