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UK firm excited with partnership here

06 October 2015

LUCY BEE Limited, a United Kingdom based company has uttered their utmost excitement in establishing a business partnership with the locally operated Kokonut Pacific Company.

This was, in sharing the locally produced coconut oils to the UK market.

In her remarks to announce the milestone achievement, a Lucy Bee Ltd representative said that the coconut oil is a relatively new product in the UK, but it’s quickly becoming a pantry staple in most homes, something that is quiet surprising.

She also shared how her family came to know about Solomon Islands and later venturing into business to share the love of the coconut oil.

“My family and I were first introduced to it in 2007. I’m a coeliac and have grown up having to look at the ingredients in everything I eat, which led to my passion for eating healthy, natural foods.

“Once we’d found unrefined coconut oil and realized how versatile and healthy this amazing oil was, we wanted to spread the coconut love with everyone and so, with my parents help, we started Lucy Bee Ltd.

“However, we didn’t want just any old coconut oil, we wanted the best and that led us to the Solomon Islands and your wondrously rich and natural extra virgin oil – for me, it’s happiness in a jar!,” she said.

She added that, through the new trade partnership they have with Kokonut Pacific, the local coconut oil will be used across the UK.

“Your coconut oil will be used across the UK with mums cooking for families in their homes, beauty therapists treating in their salons, sports enthusiasts boosting their diets for peak performance – even some of the World Cup rugby players are using it,” the Lucy Bee Ltd rep said.