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Herds of cattle distributed

12 October 2015

Tenavatu cattle farm has lived up to its expectation which saw the first distribution of cattle to local farmers on Monday.

 Director of Livestock and Veterinary Services Rarney Keqa said the primary purpose of the Tenavatu cattle farm is to breed cattle and then distribute them to small local holders in the country and the distribution showed that the farm had served its purpose of existence.

He said at the moment the Tenavatu farm has more than 700 cattle and this week more than hundreds of herds will be distributed to six local farmers in Guadalcanal.

The distribution exercise has started yesterday with two local farmers in central Guadalcanal already receiving some of their herds while the other four farmers will receive their herds this week.

Out of the 700 plus cattle at Tenavatu Farm, 120 cattle will be distributed to the local farmer holders this week where each farm is expected to receive 20 herds each.

Mr Keqa said by early next year the Ministry is looking forward to distribute some more herds to some local farmers in Guadalcanal.

“We are looking at eight more farmers as the next recipient of the development.”

With the first distribution witnessed yesterday, director Keqa has called on the six recipients to look after their herds as they are part of the national cattle development in the country.

He said, the Ministry will be working together with the local farmers to make sure they live up to the expectation as they play an important role revival of the cattle industry in the country.

The Ministry also support the local farmers with fencing materials, tools and some labour cost to make sure they live up to the expectation.

The six local farms are; Kakake, Belaha , Hailalua , Uuvula and Sha Sha Farm.