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Isabel serious in developing tourism

12 October 2015

THE Isabel Provincial government has registered its seriousness in venturing into the tourism industry of the province in full swing.

This was highlighted by the Premier James Habu during the 8th Premiers Conference in Honiara last week.

In the Provincial Government Policy statement as highlighted in the premier’s presentation, “Isabel province has a sustainable tourism industry which is based on small scale eco-tourism, where visitors enhanced the traditional values and the environment and contribute positively to the livelihoods of the people”.

In his presentation, Premier Habu stated that;

“The Isabel Provincial Government sets its tourism development targets in the areas of; Reviewing the tourism policy with the Isabel tourism council, Improve workable links with national government tourism office, Provide information and training programs for interested tourism operators on design, marketing, activities and further assistance, Focus on developing North Western Isabel as a focus for tourism while support growth in rest of the province, and Liaise with relevant Ministries on Infrastructure developments that can lead to growth in tourism”.

He added that, some of the tourism development prioritise for the province includes, the development of Papatura Fa’a Island Resort, Rehabilitation of Suavanao airport, the construction of Fera airport jetty, and the construction of a tourism office and information centre in Buala.

Mr Habu said that the Isabel provincial government is also appealing to the government to prioritize tourism as an alternative source of revenue to the country, apart from logging and mining.