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Youths learn how to respond to stress

15 May 2014

YOUTHS and elders of Wind Valley, Kakabona, and White River, in west Honiara, are told to think wisely when they are in stressful situation.

Deputy director of peace and reconciliation within the Ministry of Peace & Reconciliation, Chris Tabea, highlighted this during a week-long training of Mind shifting and Transformation at the Catholic Church, Kakabona, yesterday.

Participants in the training are youths and elders identified within the communities with attitude problem when they are in stressful situations.

The mind-shifting and transformation training begun Monday and will end Friday. It was fully funded by the ministry.

Speaking on the topic of trauma and stress, Mr Tabea told the participants to use their God-given brain wisely.

 “I know every time we are stressed either with our work or over family issues, we turn to something that can only lead to violent consequences.

 “Nobody here could deny he or she never had a stress. We all go through stressful situations.

“Controlling our mind is key to reducing our stress,” Mr Tabea said.

He said stress comes in many forms, but how to respond to it is very important.

“Many people turned to alcohol when they are stress as though beer would solve their problem.

“May I remind you that if you are stress, don’t turn to alcohol. Use your brain instead to think around your problem.”

One of the participants, Skinner Pinau of Wind Valley thanked the ministry of organising the training.

“I used to have stress every day after I lost my job last year. This training has helped me so far to cope with stressful situation.

Another youth, Ken Dorai of White River said the training was very educational and informative so far.

“The only thing I turned to when I’m in a stressful situation is alcohol,” he said.

“But alcohol only made my situation worse than solving it,” he added.