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Voters keep kits, demand refund

15 May 2014

REPORTS have surfaced of a group of Lau Baelelea voters holding onto seven registration kits and generators, following non payments of registration officer’s usage of their (voters) resources and services during the 40-day registration period which lapsed early this month.

According to reports received, those holding onto the kits and generators demanded that the Electoral Commission meets the expenses of its registration officers after using the people’s resources and services on credit.

Resources and services credited include; food from shops, hiring of registration venue and transportation (outboard motors and vehicles) hire.

 “We have been misled into believing the registration officers that the Electoral Commission will pay for their expenses credited from us.

“Since the lapse of the registration, we have received nothing from both the registration officers and the Electoral Commissioner.

“Our resources and services used have not been refunded, therefore it is only fitting that we hold onto these kits and generators,” a spokesperson for the group who wished not to be named said.

Registration Officers and clerks have uttered concern following the recent move by the voters, saying that such action will thoroughly disrupt final work on analyzing data from the kits.

“The people are standing up for their right after we were advised by the Electoral Commission that they will pay for resources and services used during the registration period.

“We have not received anything from the Electoral Commission with regards to this matter, therefore we can also do nothing when the people decided to hold onto the kits and the generators,” one of the registration clerks informed this paper.

They are now calling on the Electoral Commission to quickly solve the matter so that the kits and the generators can be retrieved from the voters.

Attempts to talk to those responsible from the Electoral Commission Office yesterday were unsuccessful.

in Auki