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Group wants PM removed Lilo rubbishes call

15 May 2014

THE Joint Civil Society Groups & Concerned Citizens (JCSG & CC) “strongly” calls on parliament to immediately table “and duly pass” a motion-of-no-confidence on the Prime Minister.

Interim chairman Barnabas Henson said there is lack of honesty, transparency, and accountability to the people of Solomon Islands by the Prime Minister.

Mr Henson said that has been further exacerbated by his recent desertion of the NCRA government in the election of the Governor General.

“PM Lilo has continuously demonstrated the sheer lack of confidence in his own Deputy Prime Minister and other senior ministers of his cabinet, oftentimes exploiting them as mere political props or stooges.”

The Prime Minister when The Solomon Star contacted through his press secretary to comment said the PM always has the “unconditional” support from his government members and this has always been demonstrated over the past three years or so.

“Mr Henson’s statement is baseless and confusing. This is rubbish and it doesn’t make any sense at all.”

But Mr Henson said a lot of the Prime Minister’s actions portray himself as judge, jury, and executioner.

“By continuously undermining the constitutional powers of his ministers as well as those of constitutional offices such as the Attorney General’s Chambers, PM Lilo has proven to the fact that he has no regard for the principle of ‘separation of powers’ and has overstepped his jurisdiction on many occasions,” he said.

Mr Henson concluded that the current political scenario establishes that the Prime Minister no longer commands respect from members of the NCRA government.

“The JCSG & CC therefore strongly suggests the removal of PM Lilo on the floor of parliament to avoid further damage to the nation.”

The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Douglas Marau after consulting with the Prime Minister responded in a statement saying Mr Henson has no right to call on Parliament to table a motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister.

“On that same note, Mr Henson must accept the fact that it will never happen. This is not the first time Mr Henson has called on the PM to step down because he has his own personal vendetta.

The statement said Mr Henson’s statement is baseless and confusing.

“This is rubbish and it doesn’t make any sense at all.

“On the part that Henson claims the PM overstepped his jurisdiction; PM has always maintained respect for the three arms of government and never interfered with its functions.

“On the part relating to the election of the Governor General; Mr Henson clearly showed disrespectfulness to the democratic process of the GGs elections and therefore he should refrain from making unfounded claims.

He reiterated the statement by the Chairman of Caucus Namson Tran in Solomon Star’s front page yesterday that NCRA remains solid and intact.






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