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Contracts for road works in North West Guadalcanal

15 May 2014

THREE companies have been awarded the contract to carryout emergency work on the affected roads on the North West Guadalcanal.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry of infrastructure development (MID) said following the flash flooding on 3rd and 4th April 2014, the ministry of infrastructure development undertook to put in place three contract packages to carry out emergency repair works to affected roads and bridges on West Guadalcanal.

“All awards have been made following expedited procurement procedures approved by the Solomon Island Government’s central tender board, and Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).”

Harry Rini, director, TSDP, CPIU in the ministry said: “I now provide information on the Contractors that have been awarded these three contract packages, as follows,”

    Package 1 – Tanavasa Bridge to Mbonege Culvert.
Contractor: Bisivotu Enterprises

    Package 2 – CBSI Culvert to Sasa Low Level Bridge.
Contractor: Trades Transformation Ltd

    Package 3 – Selwyn Wet Crossing to Lambi.
Contractor: Trades Transformation Ltd

He said it is now expected that these contractors be allowed to carry out their important works without any interference from any members of the public.

Mr Rini said; “I have written formally to Guadalcanal provincial police to seek their support and advise them of the commencement of the work.”

MID also acknowledged the significant combined efforts of a core group of MID engineers, procurement staff and the support of SIG departments, DFAT and ADB in procuring these vital works – a key step in the recovery of West Guadalcanal from the floods.