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Students produce oven frums for flood victims

17 May 2014

MACHINIST Fitting & Maintenance students of Don Bosco made oven drums for the flood victims that took shelter in the school’s multi-purpose hall last month.

This was part of their school project.

On Thursday, they distributed six ovens to the Ngalimbiu families.

This weekend they will be distributing it to other  families of Foxwood (12 families), Popoliu (2 families) and Tumorora (3 families).

These free gifts to the affected families were made possible through the generous support of the Salesian Missions – Australia.

Br. Michael Lynch SDB, Director of Salesian Missions said:

“I must commend Don Bosco for involving the students to prepare household materials as relief assistance,” he said.

Margaret Borubae of Ngalimbiu commended the students saying:

“You boys are very smart to make oven drums like these. Thank you very much.”

Luke Houpere, MFM instructor and deputy principal was very pleased.

“After only three months in school, two students could make an oven using one and half drums, within 3 weeks.

“They had picked up well the safety measures as well as  skills in welding, cutting, grinding, polishing and painting”.

Willie Laumanu, one of the proud students  said:

 “While learning, we could make something useful for a needy family. I feel very happy”.

Other students are engaged in preparing other gifts of table, chair, garden digger and fire oven.