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Tasimboko: Where’s our share?

17 May 2014

PEOPLE of Tasimboko in northeast Guadalcanal claimed they were left out from the National Disaster Management Office’s (NDMO) relief supplies distribution.

Village spokesman Jimmy Saea said they were also affected by the April 3 floods that hit Honiara and Guadalcanal.

Mr Saea claimed while representatives from NDMO visited their community, they bring with them nothing.

“We expect food supplies to help us at this time, but the officials just came with empty hands,” Mr Saea said.

 “We expect them to bring us some supplies during their visit unfortunately they just came to do survey and asking questions.

“They promise to bring us supplies but to date, we’ve received none.”

Responding to the claim, Guadalcanal provincial disaster officer Herick Savusi said Tasimboko is one of the communities on Guadalcanal yet to receive relief supplies.

Mr Savusi said they’ve been distributing supplies to Malango and Gaubata wards, but the supplies have now run out.

“Hopefully, the national government will respond to NDMO’s call for extra funding so that we could get new supplies,” he added.

About 1,000 50kg bags of Taiwanese rice stock for distribution to Tasimboko will be dispatched next week.