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Market vendors graduate with certificates

17 May 2014

MORE than 60 vendors have been issued with certificates after taking part in the ‘Getting Started’ workshop, on Friday.

The ceremony was witnessed by special guests including Australia High Commissioner Andrew Byrne, Regional Director for Asia Pacific Regional office, UN Women Roberta Clarke, and other invited guests.

Most of the participants that received their certificates are women.

The ceremony coincides with the launching of the Markets for Change project (M4C), a key component of the Women’s Economic Empowerment programme at UN Women in the Pacific.

The workshops was conducted to support vendors to organise themselves in order to work together, identify their priorities, and take action to make positive changes within the marketplace.

Participants were congratulated by each speaker at the ceremony that was held at the Honiara market car park.

They (participants) came from various sections at the market including handicrafts, clothing, cooked food, fish, farmers and resellers.

Honiara city council deputy mayor Charles Kira commended the vendors who’ve involved in the Markets for Change ‘Getting Started’ workshops.