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Police crime update

17 May 2014

Police arrest rape suspect at Sun Valley

GUADALCANAL police arrested a 19-year old man from Malaita in relation to an alleged rape of a 3-year old girl, at the Sun Valley area, over the weekend.

Following police investigation, police raided the male suspect’s home at Sun Valley on early Saturday and apprehended him.

Police alleged the suspect attacked the female victim and committed the act near a river at the Sun Valley area.  

The matter was immediately reported to police by the victim’s relatives and police responded to apprehend the suspect and remanded him in police custody.

“It is important that anyone who may have formation to any sexual offence must come forward and report to police, that we can stop this cruel act from coward men who prey on our young innocent girls,” a police statement said.

“The public must not be ashamed and embarrassed to come forward and report such nature of incident, as it will help reduced this horrendous act which will destroy our youth future and communities.”

Police can be contacted through phone 23666 or 999.   


Leave casualties alone, police warn

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Traffic department is warning members of the public, to stay way or leave motor accidents casualties to be dealt by police, fire service or medical officers.

This is a call to let the general public aware any action taken to save life by pulling out an injured person from any motor collision situation, without realising that the assistance can lead to the death of victim or it can lead someone to face court prosecution.

“Police allegedly believed that some fatal accidents may have resulted from members of the public, taking turn in trying to pull an injured person out from motor incidents,” a police statement said.

“While any help to save life is undisputed, it is also important that in motor collisions, it is not the way to save an injured passenger or driver in relation to our human body reaction to crash situation.”

Police investigation also revealed that in most cases of any motor accident, a good number of people may have taken their time to grab anything from the scene than assisting those that badly need their help.

Police urged that whoever witnessed or present in any situation of such crash site, quickly call police to be there in time and if possible, keep people away from the site before assistance is arrive.

Police can be contacted on phone 23666 and 999 or Fire Service Unite on phone: 24476.