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Youths lead the way

18 May 2014

Ten youths are now taking the lead in the fight against all forms of domestic violence in the country.

Three males and seven female of ages between 14-19 after training on Gender Based Violence Sensitization (GBVS), are now qualified to do awareness and advice their peers on violence issues

Gladys Tango, 26, expressed her happiness to learn such valuable information, describing them as worthy.

 “As a female, this is very important,” she said.

“Most cases involve young female as victims and this training gave me insight to these domestic violence issues,” Tango said.

She said she is hopeful to share and interact with other youths, and encourage them with the information she learn.

Markton Perry said the importance of the training is equal to all genders – male and female.

“As males are usually the perpetrators, it is important that we boys too must be part of the training,” he said.

 “Males have their roles as head of family and they must be informed of such information. Though young, it is important,” he said.

Perry added he was fortunate to attend the training, and will ensure that what he learned would be shared with  his peers.