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Wale commended making a bold stand

24 May 2014

A Honiara resident has commended the Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga Honourable Mathew Wale for his bold and courageous stand to question the ministers of fisheries and police about last year’s bech-de-mer consignment that was later removed from the ministry of fisheries.

MP Wale posed the question to MP Alfred Ghiro and MP Chris Laore.

Henry Kahui said that it is timely for such questions to be raised to the MP’s and held accountable for their dealing.

On Tuesday MP Wale questioned the two MPs why the police investigation is delayed.

In response fisheries minister Alfred Ghiro said, “I have not seen a police report on the matter to confirm if a Member of Parliament is involved or not.

“According to fisheries ministry the consignment has never left the country. If it does then we’ll know, unless they did it through an avenue we’re not aware of, but according to the ministry we know that it hasn’t left the country.”

Police minister Chris Laore said he does not know about the update about the stolen consignment.

“Currently, I don’t know about how far the investigations have gone so I won’t be able to give answers to that, thank you.”

Mr Kahui goes on and supported MP Wale saying that the Solomon Islands needs people who walks into the floor of Parliament and know exactly what to do, not to just walk in and remain silent during meetings.

“I supported MP Wale’s statement saying that lots of MPs get to Parliament for their own business interest.”

He urged eligible voters in the Solomon Islands to look for people who get up there for the interest of the people.

“All eligible voters must look for candidates that go for national interest other than their own business interest”.

He said that the two MPs should be held accountable for the stolen consignment.

The bech-de-mer consignment weighed one-thousand five-hundred and ninety-eight kilograms and worth at a total value of more than 10-million Solomon dollars.

They were said to be stolen from the ministry’s compound in October last year by some men believed to be sent by certain MPs.