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PWDSI disability rights awareness in Temotu province

24 May 2014

People With Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI), its affiliate NEDEPELEVATUD Self- help group in collaboration with various divisions in the Health Divisions in Temotu will be raising awareness in the Reef Islands from 19th  - 30th May.

PWDSI Project Officer, Mr Davis Ladofoa and Ms Juna Leikona will be raising awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities in all villages and communities visited.

Communities to be visited include Manuopo AHC, Ngamubulou, Gauwa, Nenubo, Nyilla, Nuoba, Nifiloli, Pileni, Matema and Nukapu.

In its Strategic Plan 2013-2018, PWDSI has prioritized; building capacity & development of Self-help groups and raising awareness on rights of persons with disabilities.

PWDSI has established Self-help groups (SHGS) in Temotu, Makira/Ulawa, Malaita (2), Isabel, Guadalcanal and Central Province. These SHGs are crucial in mobilizing awareness at the rural level where about 85% of the population live.

They will also be highlighting the work that PWDSI strives to do in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Medical Services and other partners.

Both individuals are persons with disabilities who have been trained on disability rights and leadership training under Australian Leadership Award Fellow (ALAF).

The rights of persons with disabilities in times of disaster will be of particular highlight among other issues such as right to education, health, and justice including community participation. Both facilitators have also done training on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risks Reduction.

It is no secret that people with disabilities are most vulnerable in times of disasters.

Funding for this activity is secured from Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF).DRAF has provided funding to PWDSI since 2010. Under the current project, a number of self-help groups will be visited during this year. These self-help groups will also receive funding to carry out awareness in their respective communities and villages.

PWDSI would like to thank staff of Ministry of Health (Temotu) for their support and look forward to more collaboration in the future. Such collaboration is a fine example of inclusive community partnership which must be encouraged at all levels

By Savina Nongebatu
PWDSI Office