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Lau lagoons hit by diarrhea outbreak

11 June 2014

THE diarrhea outbreak announced by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services last week has taken its toll on those residing on the artificial islands in the Lau Lagoons of Malaita.

Famous for its more than a hundred man-made islands and mostly fishing expert inhabitants, the region has also been one of the most heavily struck by the diarrhea outbreak.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star said that the outbreak had spread rapidly amongst artificial island inhabitants, especially since they all live crowdedly in their islands in the seas.

Speaking to Solomon Star, Niuleni village elder, Satu Pita, said children were the ones mostly struck by the outbreak.

“It is somewhat frightening, especially given the fact that we survive off the sea, we live in the sea, eat from the sea, when a virus or bacterial disease like this spreads, everyone will fall victim.

“Our students on the island have been down with diarrhea, this is just a glimpse of how much the outbreak is taking its toll on us the islanders,” Mr Pita said.

Similar sentiments were received from other artificial islands, adding that the outbreak has also gotten most of their children down.

Meanwhile, most Lau Lagoon islanders are calling on medical authorities to do brief medical rounds in the lagoon, especially to do general medical checkups on children that have been heavily struck by the outbreak.

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