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Family planning training for Isabel nurses

11 June 2014

A ONE-WEEK training on family planning for nurses in Isabel Province ended at provincial capital Buala, Friday.

The training was facilitated by the United Nation Funds for Population Activities (UNFPA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health’s reproductive health division.

About16 nurses participated in the training, conducted to help equip participants with family planning methods and skills to apply in rural areas.

Kathleen Gapirongo, national coordinator of Reproductive Health, said the training is just a review for nurses in remote areas to refresh their knowledge on some of the areas they need to improve.   

“Main issues discussed were on the importance and benefits of family planning,” Ms Gapirongo explained.

She added they also discussed methods that nurses should provide to men and women after counselling.

Meanwhile, a nurse educator at Buala hospital Ambrose Kikolo said the training had broaden up their knowledge  on family planning and how to provide better family planning service to people in rural areas.

Mr Kikolo added it is also important for nurses to increase family planning coverage in rural clinics to advise men and women to control birth-rate in families.

He encouraged nurses to share the importance of family planning methods to couples and provide them information they need to know how to use family planning methods.