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We will not move out, says Max

11 June 2014

FLOOD victims who used to occupy Mbokonavera evacuation centre say they will not move out of camp unless the government assists them.

The victims are now living at FOPA village, Panatina.

A spokesman for the victims, Noel Max, said they will not move out of FOPA village until they were told to move to their new land.

He was responding to an article published in this paper, Monday.

Mr Max said their committee wants to let the author of the article Ellen Joyce and the public know that they stand by the promise of the minister of lands that they will be given land.

“Therefore everyone isare waiting for that to eventuate. To move out from FOPA is a big NO for our people since we were being assured by the lands minister. Moving out to stay with relatives or to go back home is not an option for us,” Mr Max added.

He said the only thing to move the victims’ and especially the Mbokonavera camp victims is to tell them to move to their new allocated land plots.

In an earlier article in this paper’s letters column, Ellen Joyce said victims should take responsibility of their own welfare and start rebuilding their lives.

She added that it is not a good excuse to wait for the government to repatriate them home and ask for what the government can do for them.

But to start their own life with the little help from donors and the government which should be enough to get them back on their feet.