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beMobile introduces 3G here

11 June 2014

BEMOBILE yesterday announced its 3G service is now operational.

Chief executive officer Niall Downey relayed the news to the media.

He said mobile subscribers with smarts phones can now access their 3G service.

“Our 3G service is now operational in Honiara. So our subscribers who have smart phones can now access it,” Mr Downey said.

He said the service, which is faster for internet users, is only available to those in Honiara.

People in the provinces will access it later as the company continues to expand its services out of Honiara.

Mr Downey said this new service will be officially launched on 16 June.

The bemobile chief thanked their customers for their support.

bemobile, a Papua New Guinea-based company, is the second telecommunications firm here besides Our Telekom.

It started operations here in 2010.