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Torn Parachute here on business

11 June 2014

BRISBANE-BASED video and photo production company, Torn Parachute, arrived Monday this week to kick start a number of local projects. 

The three-man team comprised of Karl & Andrew Bouro and Sapati Gautusa.

One of the important undertakings that the three-man production team will fulfil during their time here is the implementation of a joint effort with local Tourism firm Solomon Host in filming an informative and promotional video that will be displayed at the departures and arrival lounges at the Henderson international airport.

The undertaking is supported by governmental departments such as Culture and Tourism, Civil Aviation, Customs & Exercise, Quarantine, Immigration and Foreign Investment Board of the Ministry of Commerce, Labour and Industries. 

The government’s support will be firmed up in the joint signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) later this week.

The informative and promotional video will contain necessary information designed by the governmental departments but vital for travellers arriving in the country. 

Torn Parachute’s local logistics and management support firm, Solomon Host, is instrumental in securing the project.

Speaking about the undertaking, Solomon Host’s owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joyce Konofilia said as part of the project, Solomon Host and Torn Parachute will provide large flat screens to display the messages.

“It’s an exciting project as we will collaborate with government and business houses to produce informative and guiding messages where people will see and read at the same time,” Ms Konofilia said. 

“Having moving pictures is high impact in disseminating such important information to our visitors, take for instance what products are allowed and not allowed to be brought into the country. 

“The messages that will be relayed will be important for travellers alike, they can view and digest at the same time our laws on customs, quarantine, immigration, foreign investment and other information relevant to overseas’ visitors,” she said.

Tourism images and attractions will also be the highlight to showcase our country as one of the tourism destinations to be reckoned with.

Ms Konofilia said the project will fill up a gap that is lacking at the moment at the international airport.

Meanwhile in an earlier interview with this paper, Karl Bouro, the managing director of Torn Parachute, was quoted as saying the local projects are his firm’s way of giving back to the country.

Mr Bouro also spoke highly of the collaboration with Solomon Host saying that the team is full of energy and that the expertises each has boosted is admirable and one to be reckoned with.

Torn Parachute will spend three weeks in the country during which it will complete the Civil aviation project and also involved in the Trade Expo 2014. 

The team has also recently completed the production of music DVDs for the Niuleni Singing group which was launched in Honiara last night.