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Language difficulty delays larceny case

11 June 2014

NO further progress has been made so far on the case of the two Chinese nationals facing larceny charges.

This was because they have no interpreters to translate the court proceedings or for the prosecutors or lawyers to get instructions from them.

Xu Jie Ping (fmale) and Zhau Zhen Wei (male) could only speak and understand little pijin and English.

Police Prosecutor Elson Konle said he tried speaking to them but they hardly speak pijin and English.

Lawyers from the Public Solicitor’s Office (PSO) previously represented both accused on the first and second court appearance but since then they were without a legal representation.

Henry Kausimae, who appeared yesterday, confirmed two lawyers from PSO represent them on previous occasiond.

He said communication is a problem with the case, but he added that one of the lawyers have identified two possible interpreters from the Chinese community here.

Mr Kausimae therefore sought a long adjournment in order for them to determine and identify those interpreters.

“The case cannot be dealt with without interpreters,” Mr Kausimae said.

Principal Magistrate Shepard Lapo said according to the bench sheet there have been continuous adjournments due to difficulties in finding an interpreter.

He agreed that a long adjournment will help assist the lawyers to secure an interpreter for this case.

When asked whether he will now represent the accused, Mr Kausimae said he cannot confirm that.

“If not me, another lawyer from the Public Solicitor’s Office will represent them.”

The case will return to court on July 8.

Ping and Wei were charged with one count each of larceny by servant.

They allegedly stole more than $100,000 from their employer, Happy Shop located at Point Cruz.

Ping worked at Happy Shop as the cashier while Wei as the warehouse manager.

They arrived in the country on November and October last year and were employed by the general manager upon their arrival in Honiara.

However, it was alleged that when the GM of Happy Shop left for his Holiday in China, the two accused allegedly stole various amounts of money between January 10 and March 15 this year.

Ping has been allegedly seen by witnesses going to commercial banks and other shops changing large amount of money to other currencies.

She was arrested while trying to board a flight back to China.