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Auki faces shipping problem

18 June 2014

AUKI, the capital of Malaita province, is currently facing a lack of efficient shipping services to and from Honiara.

With the current daily shipping services providers, 360 Discovery and Express Pelican under maintenance, people are finding it difficult to travel to and from Honiara.

Such also stirs up the problem of overloading of marine vessels such as MV Daystar and MV Maetalau, who were over the weekend detained by police and maritime after loading way far from what both vessels standard and required capacities.

Auki police confirmed to this paper over the weekend that both vessels were detained for more than three hours so that excess cargos and some passengers be offloaded before departing Auki.

However, the public said that such problems arised because of the disruption of the daily shipping schedules and routines of fast vessels, Pelican and 360 Discovery.

“We are finding it difficult to travel to and from Honiara especially with these two vessels currently under maintenance.

“Therefore people are just loading up other vessels whenever they go to Honiara, especially as there is no more effeciant daily shipping services to Honiara and back,” were the general responses of travelling passengers talked to in Auki.

In Auki