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Calls to re-open Kilu’ufi unit

18 June 2014

CALLS have again been made for the swift re-opening of the Kilu’ufi Psychiatric Unit in Malaita.

This was after concerns over the ill-fated and aggressive behavior of some the Unit’s former patients, mostly roaming the streets of Auki town, and also in communities surrounding the provincial capital.

Over the past months, Auki police have attended to and made several arrests of some of these mentally affected victims who were alleged to have committed unwanted and illegal crimes both in town and in their communities.

One of the most recent incidents happened over the weekend when a young man who was said to be mentally affected allegedly attacked his dad with a knife in their home.

The father luckily survived the attack and the young man held in custody for medical examinations.

This was just one of many similar incidents that have already occurred in the province, sparking fears from the public for the safety of both these mentally affected people and also that of the general public.

“Here in Auki they (mentally affected people) are everywhere, roaming the streets, sometimes even chasing women and children in the streets.

“These has caused to call for the swift re-opening of the Kilu’ufi mental (Psychiatric) Unit so that these people are looked after and treated,” concerned Auki residents informed this paper.

Director of the Kilu’ufi general hospital, Dr Huddie Namo previously told this paper that renovations on the psychiatric unit had already been completed however are still waiting on word from the ministry of health and medical services to re-open the unit.

He added that furniture to be placed inside the unit have yet to brought in.

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