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Plans to review city laws

18 June 2014

HONIARA city council is currently making plans to review its city law.

City clerk Charles Kelly told this paper that there is urgency for a review of the current city act and council ordinances which have been long overdue.

“It has come to a time that the city act and council ordinance must be reviewed to cope with current developments and changes within the city,” Mr Kelly said

The clerk said the city act and council ordinances have been formulated for some ten to twenty years ago and they needs to be reviewed.

He said a good example would be the building ordinance which only caters for two bedroom houses but today people are now building houses with many rooms and there is need to review such ordinance to cater for these changes.

Mr Kelly said another fine example is the market ordinance which does not cover other goods that can be sold at the markets.

He said nowadays imported products are sold in the markets and the ordinance needs to change to cover other imported goods or products.

Kelly said a legal advisor will be engaged to review these laws through the assistance of the New Zealand Aid.

He said council is hoping to undertake the review before the end of the year.

“Once these laws are reviewed, it will go through full council to deliberate on before it is sent to the Attorney General Chambers to have a look at it before it is gazetted,” Kelly said.