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Police yet to locate alleged arsonist

18 June 2014

POLICE are yet to arrest an accused facing an arson charge in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court after he breached his bail conditions and escaped to his home province.

Once police have arrested him, and the prosecutor in charge of the case resumes work in July, the court can set a trial date for the defence case.

Prosecution case was completed last year after calling three witnesses.

Crown Prosecutor Nelson Dhita yesterday said the latest information they received was the accused may have been in Are’are, Malaita Province.

He said they will try to find the accused so that the matter can proceed.

The case was adjourned to July 1, whereas all the accuseds’ attendance was excused except for the next appearance on July 15.

Nineteen year-old Joseph Atkin Orasio’o is co-accused with Lily Puhara, 60, and Emily Asu, 41.

They are all facing one count each of arson in relation to an allegation at around 9pm of May 30, last year at Nazareth Apostolic Church (NAC).

It was alleged that Asu and Puhara procured and encouraged the burning of the dwelling houses of Kevin Ohis.

One of their co-accused, a 12-year-old boy was already being sentenced last year in relation to that incident.

He had pleaded guilty to burning one of the houses.

It was alleged that the three accused were motivated by the belief that they held against the complainant Ohis, that he used black magic to poison Asu’s daughter, which resulted in her being paralyzed.

The two women allegedly procured and encouraged Joseph to set fire to one of the houses.

All accused are being represented by private lawyer Philip Tegavota.