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Su’u reunion event on July 5

20 June 2014

A REUNION gathering for former teachers and students of Su’u National Secondary School in Malaita will again be held on July 5.

The organising committee of Fossa Honiara have booked the Telekom Recreation Centre for the event.

The event, according to the chairman of the organising committee Elton Osiagalo, will focus on bringing together former scholars and teachers of Su’u to enjoy a day out with sports but at the same time raise some funds for the construction of a large dormitory that would house up to 100 students.

The committee called on all former scholars and teachers to lend a supporting hand to help build the dorm which the foundation is currently being built.

The theme for this year is ‘partnership in rebuilding Su’u.

Mr Osiagalo said:
“You and I are partners whether we left the school for some time now.
“Su’u, we believe, plays an important part in our lives.
“So give back something to Su’u by coming to these organised events.”

The committee will organise four sporting events, with winners taking out trophies for the four sports.

The trophies will be named after former missionary teachers who served the school in years passed.

“I call on all students from the four major provinces that attended Su’u Secondary School and even others from other provinces to come and put up teams to play for the trophies and enjoy a day out with our families,” Mr Osiagalo added.

The committee will also host a reunion fellowship later in the evening at the South Seas Evangelical Church’s central church on July 6, with light refreshment.

Former students are asked to prepare items for presentation that night.

The organising committee hopes that these events will become an annual event that will bring all former scholars closer together and remind them of their times at the school that moulded their lives.

“The committee felt that since we are embarking on a huge project, we would need all hands on board – former teachers, scholars, parents, and interested individuals to support the effort of the committee to ensure a successful completion of the dormitory and then we should start one also for the boys,” Mr Osiagalo said.