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KGA assists with food crops recovery

23 June 2014

Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) is continuing to distribute planting materials to those affected by the recent flash floods in Honiara and Guadalcanal.

“As an advocator of food security and rural livelihood, our assistance in this cause is part of our efforts to honour the commitment we were established to do,” a statement from the organisation said.

It added their assistance is part of the joint effort with other humanitarian organisations to help the victims recover and rebuild their lives.

“Since last week, KGA continued to distribute planting materials to some of the communities affected by the recent flush flood.

“First patches of vegetable seedlings and root crops have been despatched to few communities where KGA have identified to be affected by the flush flood.

“Popoloi and its surrounding communities in the Guadalcanal plain were the first recipients of the assistance,” the statement said.

Popoloi community comprised of households who have resettled after the flash flood in the Guadalcanal plain.

Now communities close to the Balasuna River have undertaken series of training and field demonstration and soon to receive planting materials.

“At the moment planting materials of raised vegetable seedlings, yam, cassava sticks, and potato vines were distributed.”

The statement said KGA is a member of the government livelihood cluster that is looking at ways they could assist the victims of the disaster through this livelihood program.

“Even though the target communities are yet to be identified and while waiting for the outcome from a survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture to finalise the list of communities affected, initial preparations are underway at the backyard of the KGA compound.

“These include preparation of nursery boxes and raised beds. Seeds of various vegetables are germinated and now ready to be distributed.

“There is a positive response from our partners and planting material network (PMN) members to assist in supplying planting material for this recovery program.

“PMN members from the Northern Region of Malaita Province and the Western Province and the Central Province supplied root crops to KGA for propagation and distribution to the affected communities.”

The statement said KGA has addressed this recovery program in a more holistic approach, which is ensuring communities to undertake basic training in planting and looking after these crops according to its ideals and approach to ensure recipients know roles and expectation in this recovery process.

That includes building local communities’ capacity in nursery management, establishing model gardens that maximise space to cater for more varieties of food crops in one area.

In addition, this program will also distribute local chickens and duckling to various households with simple trainings on these small livestock management.

“Communities must be trained as certain food crops need special care and techniques to look after.

“In a gesture of appreciation, community leaders within these communities have expressed their gratitude to KGA for this time assistance.

“KGA will continue and extend this food crop recovery program with other communities.”