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Virtual into tangible

23 June 2014

In order to convert your dreams into reality (virtual into tangible), read all you can read, listen to all you can listen to, and associate with everyone you can in connection to your dreams.

But even by doing all of those things, none of them will create the belief or self-esteem necessary for converting the virtual into the tangible.  Self-esteem is built by action.  You have to DO something in order for the universe to come to your aid. 

You don’t have to be successful in everything you take action on – you just have to take action.  The success will come over time, when the right blend of knowledge, connections, and actions have brewed long enough.

That’s where your commitment comes in.  Through commitment, you create continuity in pursuing your dreams.  In turn, that creates emotional security – so no matter how long it takes for your actions to change the intangible into tangible, you will be fine.

Part of the process in making your dreams become reality involves other people helping you, thus the need for associating with others connected with your dreams.  So, it helps to have the mindset of being friendly to everybody.

As you speak with others about your dreams and their dreams (two-way conversations work best), speak what you want, not what you don’t want.  Because your subconscious listens to self the most, what you think, say, and do is taken in and recorded. 

If what you mentally, verbally, and physiologically feed yourself is positive and is directed toward achieving your dreams, you can talk yourself out of any slump you ever get into.

When you discipline yourself to consistently do the things you know you need to do, you will convert the virtual into the tangible.  It’s just like building a business worth millions of dollars. 

If it’s your dream to become a multimillionaire, then you can achieve that if you do what other multimillionaires did to get there.  Follow their footsteps, and duplicate their efforts.  With the constant advancements in technology, getting the word out and shaping mass appeal about your business gets easier and easier.

When you get to the point that you surround yourself with every possible means of conveying the vision of your dream, your dream will become real.  Your thoughts are electromagnetic waves that don’t just stay inside your head. 

They emit around you and go out into the universe.  They form pictures and images that other people can pick up on.  The more you create them in directed paths, the more the universe will bring to you the people and things you need to accomplish your goals.

The circumstances in which your dreams were created fuel their intensity and desire.  If your dreams were created in laid back moments, they will be laid back in like fashion.  If your dreams were created in fiery, gut-wrenching moments, they will be fiery in like design.

The words you use shape your reality, because if you think it and believe it, it will be.  If you ask questions about yourself or about something, then you are probing into the realms of reality that exist beyond what is seen and known.  You subconsciously know what works and what doesn’t, and asking questions helps to bring the subconscious to the conscious.

By managing your time and thoughts surrounding your dreams, you will be able to complete the puzzle, connect the pieces, and establish the foundation that will firmly set your accomplishments in line with your destiny.  Use your desires and strengths in the right direction, and your efforts will see fruition.

Author, Speaker

[…adapted from Marty’s book An Agreement with Life]

Bio:  American Marty Reep is the author of more than 20 books on Amazon and Scribd.  He tries to motivate people to achieve their full potential and finds humor in the crazy things that happen every day.  Marty has offered to contribute this weekly column in the Sunday Star to encourage Solomon Islanders to rise to their full potential.