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Talks on RAMSI held

23 June 2014

Government and RAMSI Officials held consultations to review the regional assistance mission, Friday.

Speaking at the consultation, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo said the talks were held to reflect on the lessons learnt to assist Solomon Islands advance into the future.

“We felt that it is an appropriate time for us to re-look at the impact of RAMSI and to reflect on the lessons that have been learned and how that can be applied as Solomon Islands move forward with the post RAMSI, but am sure that all of us will remember that the tensions that have happened in our country and our collective inability to solve the problem that we have gone through and as a result we have the intervention of RAMSI in Solomon Islands in 2003.”

RAMSI Permanent Secretary, Jeffrey Kauha says the review will assist the Government to ensure the sustainability of such assistance in the future.

“As you may aware the Solomon Islands Government in June 2013 has engaged the services of an independent review team to review the RAMSI mission, its programmes, its assistance modalities, its successes, challenges and shortfalls to assist the government to ensure that sustainability of such assistance in the future is important.”

The RAMSI Permanent Secretary adds the consultation involves participation from all government institutions, private sectors and NGOs.