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Despite the floods, it’s harvest time for Don Bosco

25 June 2014

YESTERDAY was a joyous time for Don Bosco Rural Training Centre – Tetere, Guadalcanal Province. 

This was because despite the devastating floods in April, the rice fields flourished with the harvest being made this week. 

Fr. Joseph, Rector, while welcoming the guests and friends said:

“It was a miracle reminding us that with rice we have food security.

“All the vegetable, kumara and cassava gardens were destroyed, but the rice flourished”.

The warriors welcomed the guests in the traditional way. 

As the guests took their seats under a cloth tent, the students sang songs and performed a  Makira dance, since the second largest group in the school is from Makira Ulawa province.

Joe Aaron, deputy principal, was the master of ceremony.

He introduced His Excellency, Victor Tesun Yu, the new Taiwanese ambassador to Solomon Islands. 

Mr Yu highlighted the 30 years of friendship of the two countries and how the Taiwanese Government is happy to be involved in all fields of life in the Solomon Islands: education, healthcare and development in all fields.

“The Taiwan Technical Mission in Honiara is committed to the development of rice cultivation, and were involved in the Don Bosco RTC’s rice project,” he said. 

An official from the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock spoke on behalf of the permanent secretary who could not attend. 

He highlighted how the government funds were drained with the import of rice, and how an increase in local production can facilitate in the investment of more funds in other areas of development.  Clency Vanita, the school head girl, spoke on behalf of the staff and students thanking God and all others involved in facilitating an abundant harvest.

Mr Yu  then led in the harvesting ceremony, followed by Mr Douglas of the Taiwan Technical Mission, and other guests, staff and students. 

Harvesting ceremony over, all proceeded to the hall where lunch and entertainment followed. – By Dominic Kachira