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Selfies for development – be in the picture

25 June 2014

SNAP and send us a selfie to be part of a global movement supporting a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) proposal for a specific goal on youth in the post-2015 global development agenda.

UNFPA Pacific Sub-Regional Office (PSRO) Director and Representative Dr Laurent Zessler yesterday launched the selfie campaign for the Oceania region during a presentation at the National Youth and Sports Conference in Suva.

“Send us a selfie so that the faces of the Pacific, the face of the Fijian will be included in these decision-making processes towards the world’s development agenda, express yourself,” Dr Zessler encouraged delegates to the conference, which is also supported by UNFPA Pacific.

“The UN has eight millennium development goals and as we approach 2015 (the end of the first cycle of this development framework), these MDGs should have been accomplished throughout the world, some have accomplished, some are still working towards it.

“It was a very important fact that no goal was related to young people so we have this idea on a global level that young people should have a specific goal related to empowerment, related to leadership, related to decision-making.”

The campaign aims to gather millions of selfies from young people, decision-makers themselves, high-profile celebrities and everyone who support the UNFPA proposal for a youth goal in the post-2015 development agenda.

Selfies collected globally will then be used to communicate to decision-makers and world leaders that young people all over the world want to make sure that they are “put in the picture” of future development plans.

“Adolescents and youth are central to the future development agenda; safeguarding their rights and investing in their future will not only be beneficial for individual family units but for nations as a whole; ensuring they are part of the development agenda is very a critical step,” Dr Laurent said.

“I hope that we will all show our support for a development goal that will provide specifically for youth by taking a selfie and sending it to your UNFPA Pacific office.”

Selfies can be sent to [email protected] All updates on the campaign will be posted on the organizational website and social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.