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Noro Christmas event supports charity

27 June 2014

LAST year, Noro town Lagoon Christmas eve has raised more than five thousand dollars.

And that money would now go towards Noro town charity programs.

A spokesperson for the event, said the money was collected under the Giving Tree (Christmas tree) during Lagoon Christmas eve last December through public donations.

He said the money will be donated to two separate cause.

“The first half of the money is donated to Noro clinic to pay for paints to brighten up the new clinic extension,” he said.

“The other half of the money goes towards the community contribution of timber supplies for the new classroom building that is currently being built to cater for form four for Noro community high school.”

The school is expected to become a new national secondary school in Western province.

The inaugural of Lagoon Christmas program was launched in 2012 that usually runs from 1st of December until 26th December which is the Thanksgiving Day.

Various programs were organised and public donations were made to help in charity programs.

The event is held annually and is supported by NFD and Soltuna.