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Mothers Union meet underway

27 June 2014

THE Saint Mathews Mothers Union programme started this week at Dukwasi Community in Central Kwara’ae.

The programme, which involves spiritual enrichment, focused mostly on improving ways of spreading God’s word and work through Mothers Union.

Secretary of the St Mathew’s Mother’s Union group, Betty Toena said that programmes for the entire four days have already been set, calling on all members to be prepared to attend all sessions.

Also joining the programme is the St John Mothers Union group from the Diocese of the Central Solomons of the Anglican Church.

Ms Toena said that their involvement in the programme would boost the event, helping the development of both Mother’s Union groups.

“We want to achieve our goals in developing more effective ways we as Mothers Union members can be strengthened spiritually and move the word and work of God forward even more effectively,” she said.

Ms Toena meanwhile wished all Mothers Union members the best as they begin their four day meeting in Dukwasi, Central Kwara’ae.

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