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MMF: Amend Electoral Act

27 June 2014

MALAITA Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has called on the Electoral Commission to amend its Act to ensure selling and buying of ID cards is illegal.

Forum president Charles Dausabea said it would be in the best interest of this country for an amendment in order to stop the practice of buying and selling of voters’ IDs.

“This card is a property of the electoral commission therefore it is important there is a law that safeguards this card from being bought, sold or used in exchange for any favour,” he said.

“We support calls to put a stop to this practice because it is creating a problem and open up ways for bribery and corrupt practices to take place,” Mr Dausabea said.

He said since there is no offence committed to sell or buy these cards, candidates and current MPs have used it as a way by which to lure voters.

The president claimed a good example is what happened at his constituency in East Fataleka where only those who give their ID cards are eligible to get a solar from their MP.

“These solar panels belong to constituents and are paid for by constituency funds. Therefore it is not right to distribute these solar to those who give in their ID cards.

“For such reason, it is important to amend the Act to stop such practice because it deprives the right of constituents to receive funding or projects from their MPs,” Mr Dausabea said.

He said such practice if continues will affect the country and creates problems for people in the society.

The chief electoral officer when asked said they might not be able to make any amendment now.

“But with many complaints raised in the media, the commission will take this point for consideration and hopefully make some amendments before the next general elections.”

However, he urged the public to bring in their formal complaints to the commission so that any case that needs investigation will be referred to the police.