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Betel nut vendors back on the streets

27 June 2014

BETEL nut vendors are back in numbers on the street after the Honiara City Council law enforcement officers stopped enforcing the betel nut ban.

The situation is returning Honiara to its past when the streets were taken over by vendors.

Honiara resident Zebilon Kali said it is a concern that betel nut vendors are taking over the streets again.

He questioned the council’s law enforcement ability.

“The council’s betel nut ban enforcement team should be back on the street to chase these people away,” he said.

“They are breaking the law so the council should not allow this to happen.”

Responding to the concern, head of the council’s law enforcement unit Robert Madeo said the enforcement team will continue to monitor those breaking the law.

He said currently the enforcement unit have problem with logistic support to mobilise on the streets.

“We are aware of the situation but since the enforcement unit has problem with logistic support it is difficult for us to effectively enforce the law,” Mr Madeo said.

But he warned they will be soon out on the street and urged those breaking the law to watch out.

He said maintaining the national capital is everyone’s job so the public is urged to cooperate.

Betel nut vendors yesterday infront of Green Islands shop, Point Cruz.